Gilgamesh, Camden Town

I really enjoy Asian food, and never more so than when I had the opportunity to travel in South East Asia last year. The smells, flavours and colours of the food are exciting and exotic and even street food tastes wonderful. I first saw Gilgamesh when a friend of mine was tagged in a photo of some colourful stir fry type dish on Facebook and decided I needed to go. So when I reported that I had passed my exams, a table was booked (admittedly in advance in the hope we would have something to celebrate) and my first real trip to Camden ensued.


With a rather spectacular position next to Camden Lock and an escalator leading up into a room with lots of wooden carved walls, it felt quite grand and had a real mixture of eastern and western elements in the design of the building.

We arrived a little early for our reservation so took a seat in the bar and had a celebration cocktail. I went for an emerald fizz (champagne, Midori, kiwi juice, lime juice) yuuuum.


After finishing our drinks we were shown through to the dining room. It was a lovely, large, open room with loads of natural light and decorated nicely. We were given a menu and ordered some water and wine while we looked through.


There were lots of lovely looking dishes and I think we would have struggled to pick just a few that we wanted to try so we decided to order the meat tasting menu.


Our first course consisted of yellow tail jalapeño sashimi (which arrived on what I can only assume was dry ice), Gilgamesh house sushi rolls, scallop siu mai, chicken croquettes and duck spring rolls with hoi sin sauce.




The second course was Angus beef fillet with Korean BBQ sauce and a green mash, crispy chicken and green mango salad, hoba miso chilean sea bass and two sides of greens (pak choi??) in soy and Gilgamesh house fried rice.




Our dessert was a platter of chocolate fondant, banana and caramel crumble, green tea Creme brûlée and a selection of ice creams (which I think we worked out were papaya, ginger and vanilla).


Everything we ate was delicious and actually, you get quite a lot for your money, I was rather full at the end of the meal. The house sushi roll was wonderful, with a lovely kick of spice. The sea bass was unlike any fish I have had before, sticky and sweet and smoky and soft and lovely. The Korean BBQ sauce on the beef was great. My favourite dessert was the banana and caramel crumble. It tasted like banoffee with peanut butter slathered on top. Peanuts in a crumble are rather inspired.

My only real complaint about Gilgamesh is that there were a couple of flies flying around our table for part of the evening and although I understand that they may not be able to stop them coming in, it might have been nice if the waiting staff had noticed and done something about it.

That aside, the food really was lovely and despite costing £55, the tasting menu was value for money as it was tasty, filling and frankly easier than trying to chose your own dishes from a delicious menu. Gilgamesh is a great place to go for a celebration for its opulent grandeur, great food and extensive drinks list. Just maybe stick to the tap water as a litre of bottled will set you back £4.75!


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