Skylon, South Bank

It’s not every day your little sister graduates, so we needed somewhere special for our family celebration. We chose Skylon as I’d heard the food was yummy and it’s pretty near Waterloo. When your trains home only go once an hour, it’s nice to be able to run for it in about five minutes.

We ordered some champagne (naturally) and started making our way through the lovely fresh bread. After we had ordered we were brought an amuse bouche of “tomato water”. We were told that they leave the tomatoes over night and that what we were drinking was the product warmed up.


It was a little strange drinking what is, essentially, white tomato soup. But it was outstanding. It was pure tomato flavour, so simple but so yummy.

My starter was a duck and foie gras terrine with caramelised onion and piccalilli.


It was nice but a little lacking in flavour in the terrine itself. It could have done with a nice splash of something alcoholic. I don’t think it helped that my sister and her boyfriend had ordered what I really should have had (but I panicked when ordering) which was a lovely salmon tartare. I decided not to try it in case I went green with jealousy, probably would have ruined the “it’s my sisters big day” thing.

My main course was honey roasted duck (see why I shouldn’t have had it as a starter?!) with white asparagus, a fondant potato and jus.


This, in my humble opinion, was a far superior dish to my starter. The duck was lovely and moist, the jus rich, the fondant potato cooked well all the way through and, well, I just love asparagus! It was a good, solid, well executed main.

For dessert I chose a caramelised apple Creme brûlée. I do love a good Creme brûlée!


Sorry for the slightly dodgy photo, I couldn’t seem to get rid of the shadow!

The apple was really nice with the custard flavour of the brûlée and the accompanying apple sorbet was silky smooth and slightly acidic.

After we had finished, I had an iced coffee with our petits fours. The nougat and Turkish delight were nothing to write home about but the chocolate caramel truffle was amazing!


I can’t fault the service at all. They were very good to us and made sure that we had everything we could possibly want. The restaurant itself is lovely and the views over the Thames are stunning when the sun’s going down. With three courses for £48, it’s also pretty good value. Just don’t panic order the starter!

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