Hawksmoor, Spitalfields


Having been to Hawksmoor in Seven Dials before, I decided (mainly because there was no availability at any of the Hawksmoors near where I was staying in Knightsbridge) to try the Spitalfields Hawksmoor.

Due to problems on the district line, we arrived twenty minutes late for our booking. I had phoned ahead as soon as we got off the tube and the staff were very helpful and understanding. Good start.

The entrance is a little hidden in the dark but as soon as you walk in, you can feel that there’s a good atmosphere and lots of happy punters. There’s a cloakroom for getting rid of bulky coats. We were taken to a corner table and given a menu and some water while we decided what we wanted.

I decided to have a starter of the ribs and a main of bone-on sirloin with stilton hollandaise and we shared sides of creamed spinach, mash and gravy and mushrooms.

We also had one of their recommended wines- a mix of barbera, merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. It was a great partner for the steaks.

Unfortunately, the tube delay meant I was so hungry for my starter that I forgot to photograph it for you all to see. The ribs were beautiful though, lovely big chunks of delicious meat with a wonderfully flavoured sticky sauce. A warning though- they are quite large for a starter especially if (like greedy guts over here) you order the 600g sirloin for main!


Such a huge bit of cow. I had it medium rare and it was beautifully juicy and tender. The Stilton hollandaise, ordered on the advice of our waitress, was wonderful and despite having a strong Stilton-y flavour, complimented the beautiful beef without being too strong for it. The mushrooms were rich with (I assume) some wine or port and lovely thyme-y notes. The mash and gravy was a great dish- comforting and rich with beefy flavour. The creamed spinach was also a winner with us. The whole main course was an absolute delight and the beautiful beef was the star of the show.

That being said, the cow truly finished me off and I had no room for dessert. This is pretty shocking for me, I will admit, but it was quite late so we finished the meal off with a couple of coffees and called it a night.

I loved Hawksmoor the first time I went and I loved it this time. The staff are wonderful and happy to give you recommendations. The atmosphere was buzzing when we arrived. Spitalfields feels like the hip smaller cousin of Seven Dials and retains the same great quality food. I think on my next trip I’d love to try a Hawksmoor breakfast or the fillet steak which looked just wonderful. I’m definitely a happy customer.

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